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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  October 31, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. good morning, one million and we will take you there live as preparations are underway. it will be a huge crowd, and everyone is being urged to leave their cars at home. every someone trapped by floodwaters and the death toll is rising in the storm disaster. and also on a number of levels, they will make it
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through on this second time. keep the rain away would you for the trick or treaters? >> i think the rain holds off. but we will have to deal with that and maybe the victory parade, i think it will be done by then, 50s and 60s, the rain is still waiting to hit and we will still have some highs in the 60s and we will have your halloween forecast coming up, here is sal. everything looks good good
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>> >> claudine wong is live along the parade route, good morning claudine. >> reporter: between market and mission street, this is a stage area and you can see one of the backward floats that has a replica of the golden gate bridge and there are several parade routes coming through. i'm not sure what this is, i am thinking and guessing may be that sends all the tape into the air as we get that gorgeous shot of the orange and black over market street. that is just my unofficial guess this morning. people are already lining the streets and it is making sure they get some very good shots, very good views of what is
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happening. we spoke to a woman who was there in 2010 and she said she learned some lessons from that about where the best spot is to actually see her favorite players. we ended up early at civic center and this year i am not missing a minute, we went to 49 regular season games and we went to every season game with the giants. >> reporter: and a lot of people said they have learned something from 2010 when they had the parade through san francisco and the civic center is obviously the place to be. they started the parade to actually see some players. there are some other differences, players on cable cars 2010 and they are on convertibles. we come back here now that this float has given you a great
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shot and again we have seen crowds over on market and they are lining the streets just to get a look at the floats coming through and they are getting into the flavor and the fever of the giants and if you want to get a front row seat, you may want to start heading down now. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 morning news. take a look at the map it does start there and wind up at san francisco's silver plaza. don't forget cal and bart are adding extra services and if you do plan to drive, mark kept and mission streets will be closed from 9:30 this morning all the way to 5:00
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this evening. just a little later on, tara moriarty will have a live report for the victory information after last sunday night's public rowdiness. they have already made arrests. do you see that man smashing a steel barricade? well it happened only on 2 and a viewer sent us this cell phone video that led to arrests. he has now been booked on felony vandalism charges and destroying a passenger vehicle. if you can't be at the giants parade in person, you can watch it right here with
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us. and you can learn it live on our mobile apps. some flights and trains are moving passengers in the northeast again following that huge storm but the subway you can see is a mess. michael bloomberg said it can be days before the subway is moving again and the mta has ever hit the subways hard. his time they are experiencing damage. and they are still rescuing people stranded by the flooding. 2. 5 million households still do not have power.
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seaside amusement park rights, damage will be left of the buildings. we are continuing coverage of huge fire. dozens were rescued and upward of 100 homes burned to the ground as hurricane force winds fanned the flames and burned homes to the ground. coming up at 6:15, we will have more on how sandy is impacting the presidential rates and why mitt romney's most prominent -- mitt romney's most prominent supporters is helping president barack obama with sandy. let's check in on the
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morning commute, salt? >> -- sal? most people are using transit and metering lights, some people may be driving and also, it is moving along well if you are driving along interstate 880 and oakland. westbound ever 80, there is a little bit of slow -- 580s there is a little bit of slowed traffic but by the time you reach livermore, it answer out -- it evens out.
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cloudy overall the temperatures can wait, it is not even moving, this system is slowing down tremendously and that is why the forecast model bridges it in by 5:00 than could be some light rain or drizzle by then. again i think it is too fast. there is a system of that is slowly coming through and there is not enough for me to say let's speed things up. we did one south an advance of this system coming in but where is the rain, we can't pick it up yet, it is close but not there yet and it is a long --
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it is a lodge way from getting here. further north better opportunity. it will lift cloudy showers and this is more clouds than anything else and then we get it out of here and it's sunny and warmer for the weekend. we are just moments away from the start of the parade and they are making their way early. >> we will talk about how transit agencies. i just snagged these girls who are headed to get to bart and they just purchased tickets. they are smart ladies because they had some tickets two years ago and they have the kinks
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worked out and you don't want to be waiting in these lines. that is why we got here five hours early. >> what time did you get here this morning? >> 40 4:00 15:00 -- 4:15. >> what is your plan of attack, what will you do once you get to san francisco? >> bush for -- push through the clouds to get to the coffee bean >> reporter: is this an all day a fair? >> yes, we will make it an all day affairs. >> we hope we see some players. >> reporter: are you going to wait until you board a train or are you going to leave right now? >> we will board as soon as we can. as you remember, the ticket machines were broken down because they were so filled
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with money. are you guys headed out to the parade? >> yeah. >> we have a lot of folks who are bright and early making their way on to bart so if you have not left yet, it's a good idea to do so. the school distrust, -- district, what happened two years ago, why students say the district should have to pay. san francisco giants, angel pagan is helping to handout free food. accusation of stolen signs and we will have more on how that led to a stolen sign.
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. a confrontation was caught on examine. they accused supporters of stealing campaign signs. they say it shows her husband throwing away a sign at a park on sunday and again on monday. he said somebody put the signs on their front lawn but it all led to a confrontation. >> who the bleep are you?
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get away from me, get away from me. get away from me, bleep, bleep. >> her husband admits he did threaten them saying he had a knife but he claims he did that after they pushed him to the ground and when supporters denied touching them, police started to investigate the incident. openly gay candidates are in the race. several will make history and the first openly gay asian american and the first openly by sexual and first openly gay senator. president barack obama is getting some rare bipartisan praise for the way he is handling the hurricane disaster. here is more on why the president is missing another day out on the campaign trail less than a week before election day, allison? >> reporter: we have some
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breaking news about the president's schedule and we have just learned he will be resuming his campaign schedule tomorrow, in nevada colorado and wisconsin. but first he continues the focus on the response to hurricane sandy and in about three hours he will be traveling to atlantic city. he will be touring the storms with republican governor chris christie. he is causing some angst for the president's handling of the crisis. >> he has been outstanding dealing with this. >> now on the presidential race, it is difficult to forecast but mitt romney resumes campaigning and he is taking some heat for a primary debate, he would turn the disaster management over to the states. he would not eliminate the federal management agency. they have been suspended over the last few days and there are
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some questions about the state of the presidential race and some other polls are showing they are holding onto a 5 point lead in ohio and he is up by 1 point in florida. allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning news. and on another note, the white house canceled this year's halloween celebration because they will be touring the damage in new jersey and usually the first family invites a lot of children to go trick or treating to a very elaborate white house lawn. now the first lady is passing out halloween candy in 2009. you can see michelle obama dressed as a leap pored and the president did not wear a costume. and contra costa times reports two women have filed claims against a school and
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three former administrators. the women say they were molested as children by a science teacher back in the 1990s. they accused them of failing to act despite the fact that other students also claimed they were sexually abused by the same teacher. >> and another case of suspected child abuse, former principal lynn was required as a mandated reporter to contact police after a child reported questionable behavior by a teacher kraig chandler. three months later he was arrested after another child was molested. the principal can do up to six months in jail. and plane crash on a delta island is now suing the builders of a tower that was hit. the family of the pilot said
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the systems were purposely built at the tower to avoid federal legislations. now the plane hit that unmarked tower on web track in contra costa and they claim the towers that are under 200 feet be painted in bright colors and be lit up. and at his own carelessness, it was the reason for that plane crash. well a major rush, thanks angel pagan and the stolen base in the world series... >> giants center fielder was taking orders at the taco bell in red wood city and they gave out free tacos to every customer willing to wait in line. they promised they would offer free tacos if he stole a base
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and angel pagan did and he wants to set an example. >> i grew up in the projects and who ever comes from there, done think nothing is possible, look at me, i come from there and look what i have accomplished. >> i am looking at you angel. taco bell gave out millions of free tacos after that event. >> i ran into one of those events. there was a crazy lineup the attackco bell. >> when people say free, a lot of people come out. >> when we say free, people in the newsroom come out. we have to change the subject unfortunately, eastbound 880 at harrison and grant, the 580 highway, eastbound 580 and grant, it is not in the westbound direction which is the commute direction
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and you should be aware of it, the fire department and the paramedics are on the scene. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza got filled up and we are backed up all the way to the mcarthur maze and they are all -- all the metering lights are on. they are also on 101 northbound and 280. i believe the system is moving very slowly and most of tonight is okay, the system looks good and it is a lining itself south, but it doesn't mean it will not make it but the timing is a little bit slower. there has been some drizzle, may be more than just a little drizzle but maybe in san francisco around the bay i think we will have cloudy skies and mild conditions for the parade. it is already near of 0s also in hayward and our testimony
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system is moving slowly because sanzy barely moving in the east. our system can't go anywhere, it will crawl slowly towards us but there is the problem, the 60s. even in san francisco, san jose, the coolest antioch at 53. in advance of that, in advance of front, the rain is just now starting to move into eureka and cent city and has a -- crescent city and the north bay will be close as the system gets closer. very low 70s, kind of a mild pattern and clouds could get kind of a muggy pattern to the south and it is a tough call tonight and the main story is rain to the north. cloudy rain moves in thursday morning and we clear it out thursday evening nice on the weekend may be a little warmer
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and above normal by sunday, pam, dave? a haunted house fraternity declaration is causing more than a scare on campus and the reason that fraternity was forced to apologize. we have hollywood plans for oakland city hall... we will explain.
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. time now 6:26 a new drama, the show shows a dram in called city hall. it shows a staff trying balance social lives. it has been written by one of the hit shows newsroom and no information on when it will air. halloween decorations a offended -- offended some students. they placed a hanging zombie from a window at its frat house but some say it resembled a lynching and they took down the decorations. they say it was for a house charity event and they called
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this unintentional. with no heat or power millions need help from recovering from super storm sandy and we are in a unique position to be able to help, how the bay area is being asked to help. we will share tips on how to get to the giants world series parade on time. we will take you live to the opening bell. you can see the mayor bloomberg has been a key person in the wake of sandy and the opening is today. you disgust me.
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. new york michael bloomberg is there about the storm and we did have two days where the markets were closed and we have the month ending and a lot of mutual funds on the fiscal side and facebook shares, some employees could sell their shares but because markets are closed we could have millions there on wall street today. it is going to be a busy day. middle of the week, monday october 31st here is more. they are expected at the world series, look at that float right there. >> now the parade starts at 11:00 this morning but diehard fans are already out there staking along the best routes.
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this is market and mission streets. now the parade will end at city hall and that's where a main stage is already set up. that stage is set up with orange and black championship banners and some of the giants fans got up early hoping to see their favorite players. >> we want to see crawford, he is way too cute. i know he is married but we thought we might have a chance. >> he is getting ready to have a baby. >> what can i tell you, he will be there we know that much and brandon crawford will be joined by his other teammates and players including willie maze who will be there and san francisco mayor ed lee will be there, the former mayor will be there and former house speaker nancy pelosi there wil be among many other players . begins at 11:00 this morning near the
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ferry building and it will go up market street, turn on mcalester and go up the san francisco plaza. many are packing on to bart trains and tara moriarty is in west oakland with the changes made after the last big celebration, tara? >> reporter: we are starting to get bursts of crowds and behind me, you can see they are stand there is in front of the the ticket mandatory evacuation and we were up there where there were a lot of parade-goers and we knew it had to be done and it is still early enough to buy a ticket with no lines but it will not stay that way. two years ago, some machines broke down because they were too early and we will have cash only tables at some stations.
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>> reporter: you are out here early? >> yes, i am trying to get here early. >> where are you going to position yourself? >> i'm not sure until i get there. >> reporter: now cal train and golden gate have extended peak service and if you have to get to work and you rely on this transit, you must go earlier and back out here live, folks are trying to figure out how to buy their kick tickets but it does back up a little bit so it is a good idea to use your clipper card if you have one. we will stay here and let you know when it starts to get extra crowded. live in oakland, i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. san francisco district
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attorney george gascon said the police officers will come down hard on anybody who assaults the system. >> if you live in the city and you do any of this stuff, you will face the consequences, likewise if you do not live here you will face consequences as well. >> as we reported earlier, police arrested a man on charges of vandalizing a bus and officers want to make sure there are no problems resulting from today's parade. if you cannot be there in person, you can watch it with us, our coverage starts on air and also on our website you can watch from work, you can stream it and we have it live on our mobile apps as
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well. here is more from the east coast, a big fire in new jersey, it flared up again in the central new jersey town. it is possible natural gasoline are fueling these flames from houses that actually burned down two days ago. this is a wealthy area and firefighters cannot even get to this area because the roads are impassable. trent on it new jersey is -- trentton new jersey is under mandatory evacuation. they are just beginning that long road of rebuilding their lives after sandy hit. as least -- at least 55 people are reported dead after the hurricane sandy hit. thousands of people have been stranded in floodwaters and they are bringing supplies in. emergency workers are trying to
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repair power outages -- power outages and there are still millions without power. we will be back with a live report and that's coming up at 6:42. trucks you can see pumping water from the airfield, this is at la guardia airport. new york international airport is open, jfk opens at 9:00 this morning. ktvu has learned some of the flights will depart for newark and jfk today but no flights will be coming in from those airports. local members of the red cross will be helping storm victims out on the east coast and gel mean della vega reports on how we can help from here, jeanine? >> reporter: all day today a blood drive will be held in san
6:38 am
jose with the devastation that hurricane sandy left behind the need for blood is greater than ever. it caused cancellation of three red cross blood donations drives and there is more as the storm moves west. so far those cans lakes have caused a shortage of more than 9,000 units of blood and platelet donations across the states. the red cross has sent seven members from the bay area to help victims as part of the relief efforts. they have joined others across the nation to set up shelters and serve meals and snacks to the victims. >> we've got all of the stuff that we need to surf people food in the -- serve people food in the field and in these cabinets, we have heating and air conditioning units, safety equipment, the extra seat for a person to sit in advance sit --
6:39 am
transit or to serve food out a window. >> now you can text to red cross and that delivers a $10 donation to the red cross or you can donate blood. just call 1800-red-cross again the drive here, the blood donation drive here will begin at 11:30 a.m. and go until 6:00 hp in san -- 6:00 p.m. in san jose. >> that is good information, pam. >> yes, definitely. sal has more information on your commutes how are we looking? some of the bart stations are beginning to fill up now and one viewer said the area is half full by now which doesn't
6:40 am
happen usually so if you are going, take a bus to the station because parking will be at a premium there as well. it is a little more crowded than usual if you are just a regular computer and just trying to get across the bay bridge going to work. there will be more and more people in and out of the city today and unfortunately for you it will impact your day and you will not be able to cross market street after 9:30 a.m. traffic here looks good and in the east bay, we are not looking that unusual and we have eastbound on harrison street, that is being cleaned up and there is also an overturned vehicle. we are looking for this crash to still be there and westbound still may slow even though westbound lanes are not affected. and they are packed with giants fans. >> they added a run, steve.
6:41 am
>> already? >> yes. thank you, sir. and by half-moon bearings it's just drizzle and i think it will be done, it is mostly cloudy, very mild, 60 degrees and it is already 57. we have a cold front and vain just now getting to eureka, i mean st now and the main course is offshore, this is our cloud and rain forecast model, it is a little quick and it will be fast and we are delaying it. rain by the north bay, this looks good but the system actually slows down a little bit and i know tonight and halloween trick or treaters are more in line than anybody else. we will take this and it will be out of here. 50s to 60s, it is really mild for that southeast wind and that will give us lows and highs in the 60s.
6:42 am
it will slow it down going south and maybe it is about two inches to the north and about an inch and a half which is moving to the north coast so we still have a ways to go. evening rain to the north. hottest today, a few low 60s and maybe some filtered sun until that front gets here. this is a brutally tough forecast and we may have to deal with rain. we will kick this out of here and we will get back to you on more on your temperatures. millions of people are affected by hurricane sandy. joining us live you can tell us about the slow recovery, jennifer? hello there, dave, we
6:43 am
understand rescuers are taking place across the region and that's the case in the neighborhood where we are here. where we are along the southern coast of jersey, this is the delaware bay, you can see the water moving in here so just imagine what it must have been like. it was so immense and it sure live plays out on this as the back side of it has washed away and it looks like something exploded there. the home was washed off its foundation and as you work your way down the street here, this is one story after another. somebody lost a garage, somebody lost a deck. the boat flew across the street and ended up in the front yard of the neighbor across the way. it is incredible damage people are beginning to assess. the bulkhead has washed away in
6:44 am
a number of places which means their homes which are up on stilts, even though they are trying to clean up, they are wore bread somehow they will clean -- worried about how they will clean up their homes. it is still a lot to worry about for folks in new jersey and this is a scene up and down the folks, something the president will get a look at today. thanks for the update -- thanks for the update, jennifer. big changes coming to pete's harbor in new york city, the results from late night last night and what it still means. and the giants victory parade, preparations are underway and crowds are already coming and we will tell you more on preparations coming up.
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. people are trapped by the
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super storm waters in staten island and there are signs of improvement. some city buses in new york are running again this morning and you heard pam say trading is resumed. and they are helping out with red cross conducting blood drives, you can give blood today and tomorrow at the san jose blood donation center. and they are packing on bart trains and buses. muni, cal train, they have added more service and they are also running extra ferries. you are advised in order to save time buy round trip tickets. and they are already showing up for the victory celebration today. brian flores is there where all
6:49 am
the excitement is. we can see quite a crowd behind you. >> what a great day, we are live in civic center plaza and as you can see, the parade does not start until 11:00 and they are making a claim to their spot in the plaza. some fans are showing up 4:30 some fans have showed up even sooner and you can see the world series they are all adorned on city hall and right in front of it, dignitaries are speaking this morning and there is just orange and black all over the place. they came here from the central valley, good morning ladies. >> how excited are you to be here? >> we are very excited to be here. >> you girls came from the central valley this morning, what time did you get here and
6:50 am
what were your plans to get here? >> well we decided to stay the night in dublin and decided to wake up early hit starbucks and be out on the first train to the area. >> reporter: talk about the excitement and what is it like being here? >> well, as many people are already here, it's very cool, i was not able to make it in 2010 and i am excited and looking forward to seeing the parade today. >> i was not here this early in 2010 but i was not here as far as this early however i am super excited to celebrate with all the giants fans. >> reporter: what will you be doing for the next four hours or so? >> probably a lot of standing around. we brought some snacks and we will sit around take some pictures and enjoy our day off.
6:51 am
>> lots of excited giants fans today. >> reporter: that will be the case during the day and i am brian flores, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> if you can't be here, you can watch it in person or from work or wherever you are here. our coverage starts at 10:30 also on air don't forget, you can watch it live on our mobile apps. and late last night, they approved a development plan, one that will force more than 100 people to find a new place to live. they have been around since 1958 and it is home to people on rvs. they knew this property was for sale and there are some her housing options available. a developer plans on building 400 units on that site. construction could start next
6:52 am
year. residents will have to move by the end of the year but no timetable has been set as of yet. sal is covering traffic and you will be here throughout the parade and our coverage, is that right? >> yes, we will be getting in and out and we will be getting full information and we will be getting you there. this is really the time when people are getting to the parade area. 80 is a little bit more crowded than we normally see it. also there are people taking bart so the trains are full and so are the roads. bay bridge toll plaza, it looks like a stalled vehicle is somewhere in the middle with some flashing lights and this morning if you are driving into livermore valley, a lot of giants fans perhaps are coming in from tracy into livermore and it gets better by the time you reach dublin, let's go to steve. we have cloud cover on the coast and there are a couple of reports reporting some drizzle, but this is not the rain and
6:53 am
this is the drizzle in advance of that. we have very mild conditions overall, it looks okay. we are waiting on the system and it is a brutal call and it is slowing down but i think you are in line for some rain and this system is moving slower. it is not even raining yet. 50s and 60s and it is mild in advance of that south wind. it could get breezy later and there is our system, it looks good but it is really moving slowly. we will bring in rain to the north bay and 60s and 70s, i think east and south, our forecast for the weekend looks better. pam, dave. still ahead, keeping halloween trick or treaters safe, what is happening to keep sex offenders far away from children.
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they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools.
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prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight. ♪ [female narrator even if you're not planning on getting pregnant now, you should know that foods rich in folic acid like white bread and leafy greens can help prevent some birth defects before you even know you're pregnant.
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. that is not something you see every day, this is on the northshore of long island. no injuries were reported from
6:57 am
that giant tree fall. we want to give you an update from wall street. they are back open but they are having problems transmitting that information. the s&p 500 is up about 6 points and nasdaq is down slightly and just to keep you updated on facebook, that stock is down 3% and a lot of employees can take that stock -- sell that stock today. this is operation boo and it is aimed at keeping sex offenders away from trick or treaters. they are making sure they abide by curfews. there is a 5:00 p.m. curfew and they will be monitored by g fs units and sex offenders have to report to curfew centers. let's check in with sal for traffic, sal? >> all right, sal will be covering traffic for us. there he is. >> coming up on mornings on 2, we have a look at the toll
6:58 am
plaza, a lot of people are getting in and some of the 40 commutes, livermore valley is slow coming in through
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